Outsourcing has become popular over the past few years, wherein you can gain access to a pool of resource. We have the competency to offer you solutions that suit your specific requirements and surpass your expectations.

Not only do we meet the objectives of your business, but also ensure that you gain access to cost-effective offshore solutions. While outsourcing, it is extremely important to choose a partner that enhances operational efficiencies and benefits your business.

Why & Approach

There are many that have the dilemma whether to outsource or not, however, seeing the numerous advantages that it offers, this doubt can be put to rest. Some of the few reasons that have made companies to opt for outsourcing are:

  • Better value: You get customized solutions that benefit you the most
  • Better focus on core business: You get the time to focus on your core business by offshoring your non-core business requirements
  • Better flexibility: with a strategic partner with proper know-how, you can easily face the challenges and demands of the changing market
  • Better Service Quality: the renowned outsourcing companies have professionals who are well trained and can offer quality solutions
  • Better saving: There is no investment required for setting up the process internally
  • Better knowledge: A company that deals in the specific domain that you are looking to outsource will have better knowledge and expertise

These are extremely important to ensure success of offshoring and DIN Engineering Services delivers all of this and more. The other advantages that you gain by partnering with us are:

  • Extensive knowledge
  • Operational flexibility
  • Remote control
  • Save cost & time

Thus, outsourcing to DIN Engineering Services can be beneficial for you in more than one way. In us, you get a partner who is willing to go that extra mile to help you achieve your target and expand your business.

Engagement models

DIN Engineering Services offers several engagement models, amongst which you can select the one that meets your objectives and strategies. We also offer you customised solutions, wherein the model can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Thus, based on your business objectives, you can select one model or a combination of models.

The engagement models available for you are:

  • Effort based billing EBB
  • Target based pricing TBP
  • Dedicated resource biding DRB
  • Project based billing PBB
  • Build-Operate-Transfer pricing BOTP

EBP is based on the total time and effort put in a particular project and pricing in done accordingly. This is perfect solution for a complex project, where interim changes are common. You gain the advantage of flexibility as you can make modification as per your needs or changing market trends.

TBP is best for remote projects as there is more focus on the monitoring of the progress. This helps in keeping track of project and adhering to the timelines. Additionally, it justifies payment on achieving targets.

DRB is useful for clients who do not wish to invest in infrastructure or undergo the hassles involved in recruitment. A dedicated team is defined which independently looks after the client’s projects and ensure accomplishment of needs of the client.

BOTP is an extension of client’s organization, wherein a dedicated facility is created to cater to the specific needs. From infrastructure and staffing to project execution, every thing is looked after us for you. In this manner, you gain benefits like risk reduction and flexibility, besides saving time and money.

PBB is ideal when working on a certain project, with defined specifications and timelines. We guide you through the process and help you determine the resource requirement. With us, you can also be sure of timely delivery of the project every time.

Delivery Methodology

In order to suit the varied requirements and budget of clients, DIN Engineering Services offers different delivery models. As per your comfort level, you can choose amongst the different models. We can even customise the model to suit your specific requirements and cost constraints.

  • Offshore Delivery Model: You just define the guidelines and we deliver accordingly.
  • Onsite Delivery Model: Professionals work under your guidance from your premises.
  • Hybrid Delivery Model: A combination of both offshore and onsite delivery model.

What's Next

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