CSR (Doing our bit)

DIN Engineering Services is a leading provider of IT/ITes services to a broad spectrum of clients. As a significant business partner we are committed to taking our corporate responsibilities seriously. For us, corporate responsibility is about:

Marketplace Leadership

We focus to run our business in the manner that distinguishes us out as a great provider of the ITes services and a favored partner to do business with. Our aim is to work with stakeholders to develop long-term relationships.

We will do this by

  • Retaining our employees and ensuring their welfare, employees are assets.
  • Provide innovation and add value in all categories of services we offer.
  • On time delivery maintaining high Quality and getting repeat business.


We are committed to find new ways of reducing the consequence of what we do on the environment. We will take responsible thoughts and direct in the way in developing initiatives to further reduce our environmental impact.

  • Using competent and smart technology in our offices.
  • Encouraging staff to use public transport and car pools.
  • Encourage emails and reduce printing as far as possible.
  • Encourage recycling of waste materials.


We are committed to provide our employees a satisfying and challenging workplace. We focus to become the preferred employee amongst other things, by current and past employees recommending the company as a great place to work.


We work hard to be good citizens; we work to support the sustainability of both national and the local communities in which we operate and enthusiastically encourage our employees, staff and suppliers to consider the needs of others and involve themselves in public service activities.


In order to advocate and encourage Green planet awareness and initiatives we created a free car pool website (http://www.carcabpool.com/) , where individuals can mingle and discover coherent carpool partners, this concept was well received and is used extensively which narrates the very purpose well served.