Data Privacy

At DIN LLP, we have taken the security, privacy & confidentiality concerns of our clients very seriously and have taken sufficient steps to ensure that the confidential information of our clients is kept secure.

The following is a list of the measures that we take at DIN Engineering Services for privacy, security and confidentiality:

NDA & Confidentiality agreements

We sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with our clients to ensure that the confidential information is kept confidential throughout the project lifecycle and beyond. The employees at DIN Engineering Services also sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements at the time of joining.

Internet Security

All the systems at DIN Engineering Services have antivirus software and firewalls installed, updated and checked regularly.

Password protected systems: All the systems in DIN Engineering Services are on local domain. The employees use passwords to logon to their computers. This system prevents unauthorized access to data. Every professional at DIN Engineering Services is not given authority when accessing customer data except the authorized persons.

No external drives

We have disabled all the external drives in the systems at DIN Engineering Services except for the authorized persons.

Data on Secured Servers

At DIN Engineering Services, we store our data on secured servers which only the authorized persons can access.

No external storage devices are allowed: The professionals at DIN Engineering Services are not allowed to carry any external storage devices or unauthorized laptops, PDA’s etc.

Print restrictions

We have developed printing applications enhancing the security and enabling printing restrictions. No employees are allowed to take or bring any printed information from outside.

Fire safety

The offices of DIN Engineering Services have smoke detectors and multiple fire extinguishers.