Lean Services
As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we have been very keen on finding new and innovative ways to improve our business operations. Recently we have started a new initiative called "Lean @DI". The program is aimed at embracing the best practices and methodologies of lean.

Lean is basically an organization redesign approach that is increasingly being used by companies across sectors and industries. At its core, lean focuses on elimination of waste or 'Muda' as it is called in Japanese. Muda is defined as an activity which consumes resources without adding value to the end consumer of the process outcome. In essence, lean provides an approach for organizations towards doing more for their customers with fewer resources such as time, space and money. Lean contains five primary elements- Process Flow, Organization, Process Control, Metrics and Logistics.

The goal of this program is to increase the speed and capacity of operations by reducing lead times, improve quality and efficiency through the use of lean tools such as value stream mapping, Kaizen blitz, standardized work, 5 S and visual controls.

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